These pages are kept for historical reasons. Although some pages have been adapted to remove obvious out-of-date information, please read these pages as a historical snapshot only, not as up-to-date information.
Here is the press release announcing the start-up of Whitebox
At the time of writing these pages, I was a postdoc in the System and Network Engineering group, lead by Cees de Laat. I worked on security and privacy in distributed systems. I lead the security and privacy subprogram of the Dutch project COMMIT, previously the Virtual Laboratory for e-Science (VL-e), among several other things.
My address was:

Faculty of Science, Informatics Institute,
University of Amsterdam,
Science Park 904, room c3.153
1098XH Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Tel. +31 - 20 - 525 5266 / 06 - 14 79 27 88

My mail address used the name 'guido', and behind the 'at' sign comes ''. Nowadays, please use guido at whiteboxsystems dot nl.
For publications, see my publication list, and the list of (invited) talks.
Some information about the EPD system can be found here.
I used to work in the computer systems group at the [partial clone of:] Vrije Universiteit.

I co-supervised Matthijs Koot's PhD research on data anonymity. His webpage appears to be removed; see Matthijs' blog on Some of his papers can be found here. Prof. Latanya Sweeney gave a talk on privacy protection after Matthijs' defense, on June 27 2012.